Eddie's Backhoe & Dump Truck Service


We are customer service and client focused -- when you need quality site work service performed, we're the ones you can trust. And we do it all; from hauling materials to excavating any surface area, our team is here for you to get the job done right the first time around. Along with our heavy duty equipment, we also offer any type of material you may need for your projects including sand, rocks, top soil, and more!

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Our services


For business owners, we're here for you! If you are building a new location, let us level your lot! With our demolition and excavation services, we'll keep things moving quickly on the job!


Seeking to install a driveway or install a pond in your backyard? Then contact us! We can remove and haul even the biggest loads! And when you need a smooth surface, you can count on us!


We also cater to our farming community! Need your field ready for the new season? We're on it! We can level your plot, remove any obstructions, and have you ready for planting in no time!

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Got a tough job that you don't have the time or equipment to complete? Let us tackle it for you! Our demolition services can handle the biggest tasks! Need a building bulldozed? We'll do it! Building a new lot? We'll provide a smooth surface.


From rock to gravel and sand, when you need a big load hauled quickly and safely, leave it to Eddie's Backhoe & Dump Truck Service! We've got the trucks, the manpower and the know-how to haul and deliver materials with ease!


For all your excavation needs, we are here for you! Whether you're installing a new pool and need a sizable amount of dirt removed or you want to build a pond
-- no matter the task, we can do it for you! We're the land clearing experts!


  • Dump truck
  • Backhoe
  • Trackhoe
  • Dozers
  • Road grader
  • Packer


  • Caliche
  • Regrind asphalt
  • Fill dirt
  • Top soil
  • Sand
  • Red select
  • Clay
  • All types of rock

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